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Why Ashworth College?

Affordable, Accredited Online Programs

Get ready for better career opportunities at your computer! Ashworth College accredited online programs offer the non-traditional student a way to pursue higher education without setting foot in a physical classroom.

Since 1987, Ashworth College has worked to provide relevant career training and educational enhancement through accredited online programs and accredited online college courses. The flexibility and affordability of our online study courses can’t be beat.

We Deliver Education on your Terms

Can I fit school into my busy lifestyle, work schedule and family commitments? At Ashworth College you can! We’ve removed the barriers between you and the education you need so you can achieve your education and career goals on your terms.

Three Reasons Why Ashworth Works

#1 Ashworth is affordable
Our liberal tuition policy helps students meet their education goals without the burden of student loans and interest fees. Customize your monthly payments to fit your budget with no hidden fees. Your textbooks, learning materials, academic guidance and career support are all covered in your school costs.

#2 Ashworth fits your schedule
No need to drop everything to be a successful Ashworth student. Your lessons are fully self-paced, giving you the flexibility to choose when, where and how you study. Enjoy a lifestyle-friendly learning experience.

#3 Ashworth helps you enhance your career
Want to create a new career path? Start a home-based business? Prepare for a potential promotion? We’ve got you covered. Our career courses, undergraduate and graduate programs are developed by academic and industry professionals to assure you learn relevant skills and receive a top quality education.

Nationally Accredited Online Degrees and Career Courses
As an accredited member of DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission), Ashworth College strives to achieve the highest standards of school performance and student results.

Programs Available at Ashworth College:

Ashworth College

  • Ashworth College

    Discover Quality Education on Your Terms
    Engaging, supportive, convenient and career-relevant. This is the Ashworth College online learning experience. Each lesson you complete brings you closer to a better job opportunity, higher income or career advancement.

    The Benefits Of E-Learning
    Enroll Any Day Of The Year
    There are no set times when you must be online, so it fits nicely into your personal schedule.

    Start Your Education Right Away
    Start your first lesson the day you enroll by logging on to your Student Portal from any computer. This is where you access lessons, upload assignments, take exams, check your grades and account status and request support.

    Submit Your Transcript (Degree Programs)
    If you have previous college credits to apply toward your associate, bachelor’s or master’s degree, send your transcripts to us within 90 days of enrollment so we can evaluate them and grant eligible transfer credits.

    Progress At Your Own Pace
    Your custom study guides are designed to help you advance quickly through each course. Review exercises, practice questions and supplemental readings enhance your understanding of key concepts found in your textbook, eBook (online textbook) or other key learning materials. Master each lesson and move on to the next without delay.

    Take Exams Online
    Wrap up each lesson with an open-book, open-notes online exam. Take the practice test first to check your knowledge; then you’ll get a second chance to submit your final answers. Grades are immediately posted in your Student Portal. Degree programs conclude with a final proctored exam.

    Get Caring Academic Support
    While an online learning experience means you study independently, you are never alone. Our Academic Advisors provide personal tutoring and our Student Services team handles administrative concerns for you. Personalized career guidance eases your path to employment.